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Maintenance Contracts

We Cover on the Infrastructure and platform, maintenance and support:

Manage infrastructure hardware and software operations, including server and storage systems. Support production applications, whether open source, developed in-house, or third party.

Break-fix — Focused on servers and storage.

Platform support and maintenance is the management of hardware and software architecture in order to allow applications to operate.

Platforms can include one or several of the following hardware and/or software components: — hardware architecture; operating systems; programming languages and frameworks; runtime libraries; application servers; databases; other middle-ware products.

We perform a regular Audit services and asset management:

Systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances (financial or otherwise) of IT software and hardware.

Audit services are formal inspections and verifications to check whether a standard or set of guidelines is being followed, that records are accurate, or that efficiency and effectiveness targets are being met.

We Supply Desktop support:

The technical services offered by a support organisation to a user(s) experiencing problems with their computers. Support may be on either hardware or software running on the affected computing device. Support may include but is not limited to installations, moves, adds, changes and disposition, and local remote services.

Also we do Asset disposal:

A computer recycling service that offers, but is not limited to, data destruction to UK Government CESG standards with certificated proof of erasure for every hard drive or data bearing asset; a managed IT disposal service that can be fully integrated with roll-out programmes and other service partners; full audit trail with itemised reporting; IT disposal services are WEEE compliant.

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